Corporate Investigations Safeguard Your Workplace

“He had been stealing from us for years! Acuity investigators proved who was stealing from us and captured video of them in the act. Now they screen all of our prospective employees,

protect our people and our property, and save us a lot of money.”


Both in-house misconduct and outside threats to your business create the need for corporate investigations. Fraud and abuse can take various shapes but, make no mistake, corporate misconduct can significantly impact small and large companies alike. From the bottom line to your reputation, a corporate scandal could be detrimental to your enterprise now and in the future. Take action to safeguard your proprietary information, confirm the trustworthiness of employees and partners, and maintain the security and safety of your company and employees.


Crimes That Demand Corporate Investigations

Corporate investigations can take a variety of forms, all of which are detrimental to the lifeblood of your company. If you suspect any of the following types of transgressions, it is absolutely essential to initiate a corporate investigation conducted by an experienced private investigator:

  • Employee Misconduct: Can include harassment, bullying, payroll abuse, insubordination, and substance abuse.

  • Employee Time Theft: Abuse of the work-at-home privilege (from sleeping to working another job); being distracted by smartphones, web surfing, or social media; abusing the unsupervised time typical of traveling employees.

  • FMLA Abuse: Faking personal or family sickness and claiming medical leave in order to take a break from work or take on a second job.

  • Asset Misuse: Using company funds for personal needs; using the company car for recreation; accepting client gratuities in exchange for special treatment; or using the company’s premises and equipment to conduct competing business transactions.

  • Disregard for Non-Compete Clause: Starting and operating a competing company using trade secrets and proprietary information.

  • Workplace Incidents: Suspicious accidents, injuries, threats, intimidation, almost-accidents.

  • Fraud: Abuse or misuse of business assets, address, purchase orders, and procurement, as well as money laundering, bribery, check fraud, computer fraud, shell companies, internet fraud, contract fraud, credit card fraud, and merchant account fraud.


Careful monitoring, detailing, and impartiality are absolutely essential in corporate investigations, along with the inherent techniques of tact, discretion, and subtlety. It is also absolutely necessary that all corporate investigations be conducted legally and meticulously so that any evidence gathered can be used as evidence in a court of law, if necessary.

Methods Used to Conduct Corporate Investigations

The methods that experienced private investigators use to conduct corporate investigations will vary for every case. Some of the most common and effective efforts for researching, surveilling, and uncovering information, however, include:

  • Computer Forensics: The most important element of an undercover corporate investigation is to gather evidence without corrupting it. A computer forensic investigation conducted using court-recognized software and tools gets this job done, making it possible to locate and recover relevant information or traces of info from websites, emails, computers, external storage devices, deleted documents, software, and more. It is also possible to gather information about when data, documents, or messages were created, duplicated, sent, or erased. Data is never gone for good when you have an expert computer forensics professional on the job, recovering electronic evidence that even your spectacular in-house IT professional couldn’t discover.

  • Cellular Telephone and Tablet Forensics: At the forefront of investigative techniques is cell phone forensics - a must in today’s smartphone centric culture. But the mobile device in question could be a flip phone or a pre-paid phone and the right computer forensics team will be able to uncover relevant and critical evidence even in these circumstances. Private corporate investigators utilize the technologies, methods, and practices that federal law enforcement uses, making it possible to uncover GPS locations, text messages, emails, call logs, contacts, passwords, pictures, videos, deleted files, and more about the sender and recipients.

  • Undercover Investigations: Stealthy methods are often necessary to discover the kind of evidence needed to prosecute an individual or individuals who are committing fraud or abuse within your company. It is the high-tech surveillance equipment of private investigators, combined with carefully mapped undercover sting operations, make it possible to identify the guilty parties when it comes to employee theft, fraud, or misconduct.


Why You Should Outsource Corporate Investigations to Acuity?

Business is business, and you need to keep running yours even if internal or external misconduct or fraud is in operation. If you suspect employee misconduct or a silent takeover by competitors, outsource your corporate investigation. You are too close to whatever issue may be occurring behind the scenes, even if you are only investigating a rumor or suspicion. A private investigator is able to ask the hard questions and find out information personally and digitally in order to find out what’s really going on and who is involved.


The elimination of current problems in the workplace and the prevention of future problems is what Acuity Investigators do best. We specialize in corporate investigations to help prevent problems and mitigate damages when events like theft and fraud occur. We also aid in the prevention of corporate crime by conducting thorough background checks on individuals and businesses before you shake hands or sign contracts.

Employee theft, fraud, misconduct, accidents, and absenteeism cost corporations billions of dollars in revenue each year. Many firms that are victims of corporate crime either deny they are being victimized or simply give up because they do not know where to turn for help. At ASG, we provide our clients with corporate investigations including surveillance, undercover investigations, interviewing, and more to gather the proof needed to release employees, provide evidence to law enforcement, and pursue litigation to recover losses.

Expert investigative help is available. 

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Corporate Surveillance

At Acuity Detectives we provide corporate surveillance investigations to protect your assets from current and future theft or threats. As one of the most experienced private investigation firms in California we can also assist your company with all of your corporate security needs including security risk assessments.


Corporations must protect themselves against threats to their safety and solvency. Conducting corporate surveillance investigations provides a corporation the ability to more effectively carry out counter intelligence and effectively protect all areas of business operations.


Defend and Counter Measures

Intelligence gained through corporate surveillance can show how to defend against a threat. Understand the threat and you can find the most effective defense against it.


Corporate Surveillance Investigations

Corporations may decide to initiate corporate surveillance investigations to protect against industrial espionage, embezzlement, drug abuse, product tampering, counterfeit of products, internal theft and sabotage.


Corporate Surveillance Investigations for Personal Injury Cases

We provide personal injury and fraud surveillance for corporations, insurance companies and law firms in California.


  • Insurance Claims Photography

  • Insurance Fraud Surveillance & Video

  • Corporate Surveillance for Workers’ Compensation Cases


There are hundreds of documented cases of employees collecting Worker’s Compensation who are no longer disabled, or while they are simultaneously holding another job.

Our surveillance team of private investigators is equipped with the latest in surveillance techniques for getting the photos and video critical to your case. As a business owner or manager, you have a lot invested in your company. And while you may think you have things under control, depending on the size of your company or nature of your business, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to keep tabs on every behind-the-scenes detail when it comes to finances and operations. Whether you suspect certain employees of embezzlement or fraud or you simply want to keep better tabs on what’s happening, you can benefit from our business surveillance services.

At Acuity Detectives, our comprehensive business surveillance services are designed to show you what’s really going on at your company when you’re not looking.


Whether you have specific concerns or simply want to get a better sense of how things are running, we can get you the information you’re after. Don’t stay in the dark.

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Insurance Fraud

It’s an unfortunate fact that insurance fraud is a lot more common than most people realize. If you suspect that you’ve been the victim of insurance fraud, or if you’re a company looking to get to the bottom of a suspicious claim, we can help. Our private investigators at Acuity are equipped to delve deeply into your insurance fraud matter so that you get the answers you need to take appropriate action.

We’ll Do the Digging

Whether you’re a private individual or an insurance company employee, you may not have the time to investigate your matter thoroughly. But that’s where we come in. Our dedicated team will work quickly and tirelessly to get you the answers you’re looking for.


We’re happy to assist in a variety of insurance-related matters, including:

  • Arson and property damage claims

  • Automobile claims

  • Medical claims

  • Workers compensation claims


For more information about our services or to discuss your specific inquiry

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Asset Searches for Executive Hires

Asset searches for executive hires conducted by a private investigator will provide a thorough picture of the person who is on tap to hold a major role in your corporation. If you want a true indication of how trustworthy or capable your potential executive hire is, the expert investigators at Acuity Detectives will deliver the information you need to make an informed hiring decision.

Get a Clear Picture of Executive Hire Candidates

The news stories of financial misconduct and criminal activity at the highest level of major corporations are, unfortunately, commonplace. Small businesses are no strangers to underhanded dealings either. What all companies have in common is the need to have high-level employees who are truly an asset to the business, not a detriment.

If you are interviewing candidates for chief financial officer, chief operating officer, or other chief executive positions, their prominent role directly affects the success or failure of your organization. Hiring the wrong person who has access to the inner workings of your company, proprietary information, and resources can be fatal to your business.

Asset searches for executive hires can uncover information domestically and globally such as:

  • Aliases.

  • Business ownership.

  • Criminal history.

  • Bankruptcies.

  • Employment history.

  • Education verification.

  • Outstanding judgments against.

  • Verification of professional licenses.


The greater authority a person has in your company, the greater the need for an incredibly thorough asset search. How they have handled their personal dealings directly influences how they will handle the workings of your company. Where an executive’s personal finances currently stand could lead them to make choices that they think they can get away with at a high level, but which could lead your enterprise to ruin.

The Blowback of Executive Crimes

A person’s level of authority in an organization directly affects the financial reach and impact of a business crime. Committing fraud at a high level means it’s easier to override elements that it would be nearly impossible for other employees to evade. Managers and lower-level employees can do damage in cases of fraud, but executives can cause an even greater monetary blow.

Executives with access to financial assets of an organization or the financial performance of a company have a fiduciary responsibility. If you are going to trust someone with your company’s money, their credibility, qualifications, and past performance are relevant, and their financial past and present are significant. Word of mouth or a solid reputation may precede an exec, but settling for the proof of others rather than commissioning the details yourself is a misstep. Asset searches for executive hires conducted by professional investigators will truly demonstrate the fitness of a candidate.

Hiring the wrong executive not only has the potential to be a financial impact, but the reputation of your company is at stake, both internally and externally.

Why Hire Acuity to Conduct Asset Searches for Executive Hires?

It would be nice to think that you can take your job candidates at their word, but that isn’t the culture in which we live. Even relying on references alone to vouch for a person’s character isn’t enough. Outsourcing asset searches for executive hires to the experts at Acuity ensures that you will receive an impartial, thorough report about your job candidate. The hope, of course, is that all the information found about the candidate is on the up-and-up and you can work successfully with this professional.

You may be friendly with an executive job candidate, or consider them ideal for the position based on how you’ve clicked with each other in interviews and meetings, but don’t slack on due diligence. The success of your company, staff, shareholders, customers, brand, and more depend upon hiring the right executives, and that begins with thorough vetting. 

Contact Acuity Detectives to discuss asset searches for executive hires so you can keep your enterprise safe, thriving, and in good hands.

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Commercial Tenant Screening


Thoroughness is essential when it comes to commercial tenant screening. This is your property and livelihood on the line. There is no room for oversight. Working with the private investigators at Acuity will ensure that you receive a detailed report about the people or entities who want to rent your space so you can make educated decisions about choosing a tenant.


Determine Tenant Eligibility with Professional Commercial Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is a step that cannot be skipped, whether you are leasing a commercial or residential space. Applicants may seem great in person, and they may fill out an application that looks fine at a glance.

This, however, is not a time to go with your gut. In many situations, tenant applications will include outright lies.

They may neglect to inform you about judgments against them, liens, bankruptcy, or evictions. Not every potential tenant with a spotty financial history is a bad choice or automatically ineligible. Businesses fall on hard times, accidents happen, problems beyond their control occur. But you need to know about everything up front. Anyone who purposely omits important details is a red flag.

A professional investigator not only provides information about the tenant you are screening, but works to gather information about the circumstances surrounding financial pitfalls to help you determine tenant eligibility. An in-depth commercial tenant screening conducted by a private investigator can save you from being saddled with a renter who doesn’t pay the rent, destroys the property, or uses your commercial space inappropriately or illegally.

Avoid the Easy Way Out for Commercial Tenant Screening

Online tenant-screening services promise to provide all the information you need to know about potential tenants for a small fee or even for ‘free’. Don’t be tempted to take the easy way out to simply end the hassle of your search. You risk creating big problems for yourself, like unforeseen liabilities and legal costs, by neglecting to do your due diligence.

Many online background checking services are not properly licensed or neglect to comply with background check guidelines. A private investigator is aware of the legalities that surround commercial tenant screening and follows the law so you have legitimate, up-to-date, certified background information.

Offload the burden of checking into every potential tenant by outsourcing tenant screenings to an experienced private investigator. Renting a commercial property can be compared to any other business deal – you want to know who you’re trusting with your investment, and whether it’s worth it for you to make an investment in them.

What Commercial Landlords and Property Owners Need to Know

Whether you are a landlord, real estate agent, homeowner’s association, or property manager, a customized commercial tenant-screening done by a private investigator will include accurate information, delivered efficiently. We know you don’t have time to waste.

At one time, credit checks were the only way to review your possible tenant’s financial and personal history. These details are still important, but they are only a fraction of the picture. Here is what a commercial tenant screening can deliver:

  • Eviction history, locally and nationwide.

  • Criminal background check.

  • National sex offender search.

  • Employment verification.

  • Comprehensive background check.

  • Identification of professional licenses.


Who you lease your commercial property to not only impacts your bottom line, but it affects any commercial properties around you. It is of course ideal to be on good terms with your fellow landlords or nearby business owners. Renting to the wrong person or entity doesn’t do your reputation any favors and it threatens the security of your neighbors, commercial or otherwise.

Even if a tenant offers to pay cash up front, take the time to research their history. Just because someone can afford the rent doesn’t mean they’re a good tenant. If you have an established relationship with a tenant, don’t rest on their laurels. Conduct commercial tenant screenings every time a lease is renewed. Things change.

Why Hire Acuity to Conduct a Commercial Tenant Screening?

Renting a commercial property is not only about getting warm bodies into a set amount of square footage. It’s not only about someone paying the mortgage. Character counts. Your ideal tenant needs to meet your high standards and qualify to be an eligible renter of your property. You must trust that they will honor the terms of the lease, take care of your property, and pay the rent in full and on time.

Eliminate high-risk tenants, reduce the risk of fraud, and minimize your risk of income loss with a commercial tenant screening conducted by a private investigator. Our experienced and highly trained private investigators at Acuity Detectives are experienced in conducting commercial tenant screenings for all types of properties.

Contact Acuity at 888-849-6068 to discuss your needs and get started on your search for the ideal tenant.