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There are situations in life when you simply must learn more about a person’s background. Employees are long term, expensive commitments. Caregivers may have the life of a loved one in their hands. Your financial wellbeing may be at stake with a business partner. Countless other situations call for conducting a background check…not as a luxury but a necessity.

There is not a single “online” search that can possibly replicate the results of a professional investigator manually conducting a thorough background check. We have access that the general public does not, we can visit locations and/or individuals for verification or interviews, and much more. Background checks are important, trust us with helping you learn as much as possible.

 A background check is an  inquiry into a person’s (or a business’) past and an insight of their current status. Following are a few examples of why someone may want or need to conduct a Background Check:

  • To verify someone's identity

  • To understand their criminal history

  • To help uphold workplace safety by hiring trustworthy individuals.

  • Conform with company security clearance guidelines. Some companies require security clearance before hiring. A criminal history might prevent a potential employee from meeting security standards.

Our team of  licensed, experienced  and trustworthy investigators has access to information that is usually not readily available to the general public. Acuity Detectives  guarantee thorough, complete and confidential search.

All background checks completed by Acuity Detectives are conducted entirely according to established legal and ethical principles.  Following are most common searches requested by our clients:

  • Pre-employment Background Check

  • Business Background Check

  • Employee Background Check

  • Criminal History Background Check

  • Nanny/Caregiver Background Check

  • Dating/Pre-martial Background Check

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