Locate Investigation/Skip Trace


People and Business 

A person or a business locate investigations are launched to find or trace the subject (s) in question. The subject of the investigation is usually assumed to have "skipped out" on legal or financial responsibility, hence why this type of service is often referred to as a "skip trace" investigation.

The primary objective of a Locate investigation is to find as much of information as possible regarding the missing person or business. This data is then verified and analyzed in order to locate the the subject in question. Following are our most common clients of Locate/Skip Trace investigations: private individuals, lawyers and paralegals, process servers, landlords, corporations, insurance companies and collection agencies.

One of the most common reasons investigators use skip tracing services is to help a private individual who is trying to locate a missing child, parent, relative or friend who has disappeared. Sometimes their reason for disappearing is unknown. Following is a list of most common reasons for requesting a Locate Investigation:

  • Looking for a missing relative 

  • Trying to find birth parents

  • Looking for a childhood friend/former classmate

  • Locate a run away or missing child

  • Looking for an individual who is a witness in a trial 

  • Looking for an individual who has court obligation

  • Locate individuals who owe money

  • Individuals who left because of legal problems

  • Individuals who are named as beneficiaries or heirs in a Will or life insurance policy

  • Clients, plaintiffs or defendants in a lawsuit where court documents need to be served on them (e.g. in a divorce case, involved in a car accident)

  • Former spouses who owe child or spousal support

  • Spouses who have abandoned their partner, or children

  • Tenants who owe money for past rent or property damage

  • Landlords who have disappeared after taking money from a potential tenant but there is no property for rent

  • Employees who have embezzled funds or committed fraud

  • Businesses (or employees of a business) that have locked their doors but owe money or services

  • A client who owes money to a business

  • Contractors who have left town after being paid but not finished the work they were hired to do

In addition to resources available to an average citizen, Acuity Detectives Private Investigators use multitude of legal techniques and extensive resources available only to Licensed Private Investigators. These techniques might include the  following:

  • Researching of Records

  • Visiting courts, post offices, libraries and police stations

  • Surveillance of people, places and things

  • Performing in depth background checks

  • Performing detailed corporate checks

  • Conducting interviews with persons of interest


Thorough and detailed investigations often require obtaining and analyzing information found in the following:

  • phone number databases

  • credit bureau search

  • job application information

  • utility bills

  • driver abstracts

  • public databases and internet searches

  • corporate searches

  • leasing inquiries

  • Personal Property Security Registration (PPSR) searches to identify a lien associated with an individual, or collateral that is shown as a security for payment of a debt

  • loans and bank affiliation

It is crucial to hire a licensed Private Investigator to assure that the search is conducted according to the State regulations and that the information found is not misused and that actions performed on your behalf are lawful and safe for all that are involved.

Although there are many search databases readily available to an average customer, there is no guarantee to the accuracy or recency of the information obtained. Accurate and verifiable information can only be attained through a service of a Licensed Private Investigator who is experienced in cross checking and analyzing all of the gathered information. 

Acuity Detectives will provide you with invaluable experience and will guide you through what often may be an emotional experience. Hiring us will assure you with most up to date information and assure your confidentiality in this process

For more information about conducting a People Locate/Skip Trace  or to obtain a free quote and consultation please call 1 (888) 849-6088