About Us

Dwayne R. Herberich- Chairman/Founder

Mr. Herberich began his law enforcement career with the San Clemente Police Department. After graduating from the Rio Hondo Police Academy he exercised a lateral transfer to the South Lake Tahoe Police Department. After being downsized do to a tax initiative he then lateralled to the Brea Police Department. While with Brea he was assigned as a: Undercover Narcotics Detective, a Patrol Officer, a Crime Prevention Officer, a School Resource Office, and an Explorer Advisor.

After retiring from municipal law Enforcement Mr. Herberich became a Licensed Private Investigator and Private Patrol Operator. Over the next 40 years he has performed thousands of investigations in both the criminal and civil arenas. He opened and maintained offices in:  San Diego, Anaheim, Riverside, Palmdale, San Francisco and Sacramento California.  Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, Phoenix, Arizona, Reno and Las Vegas Nevada.  Salt Lake City, Utah and Denver, Colorado.  Acuity Detectives now has offices Nationwide and Associates Internationally!

Mr. Herberich has served clients such as:  AIG Insurance, The Home Insurance, Farmers Insurance, Chubb Insurance and many others. Businesses such as:  Harrah’s, M.S. Dixie, Bally’s, Harvey’s and Golden Nugget.  Many Law Firms in each of the listed states and cities.

Mr. Herberich is experienced in all arenas of Private Investigation and has exceptional experience at forensic evaluation. Trained and mentored by one of the world's premier Detectives, Harold K. Lipset of Lipset Service. Mr. Lipset was one of the first licensed Private Investigators in California and performed services for prominent clients worldwide. 

Douglas C. Hayes – President, CEO

Mr. Hayes graduated Northeastern University with a BS in Criminal Justice and later obtained an MBA in Marketing from University of Phoenix. He worked as a private investigator in Boston before coming to California in the 1980’s.

For the past 30 years Doug has held Executive Sales Management and Business Development roles with leading companies in the medical device and healthcare IT sectors.  As part of the Executive Team at Acuity Detectives, Doug is helping set a course for the company to become the premier private investigation company in Southern California and to expand the organization’s presence to the primary metro areas throughout the US. 

Doug's exceptional work ethic and experience working with professionals throughout the country contribute to Acuity's reputation for excellent and timely customer service. His leadership sets high standards for Acuity's associates. He is passionate about expanding Acuity Detectives and is committed to delivering excellent results regardless of how big or how small the case may be. Acuity’s goal is to be a recognized national investigative services provider by 2025.

Agnieszka (Agnes) Herberich- Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Agnieszka graduated from Damen College in Amherst, New York with a BS in Humanities and a Minor in Biology in 1999. Her passion for lifelong learning and desire to dedicate her life to help others she obtained a Master of Science-Counselor Education with concentration in Student Development in Higher Education from Central Connecticut State University. 


Ms. Herberich worked in Higher Education in the State of Georgia at State University of West Georgia and Clayton State University as an Academic Advisor.  She and her then husband moved to Singapore where she worked

as a Special Education Aide and a Program Assistant for the United States Academic Advising Center where she buit a website and assisted in marketing their services at country wide expositions and open-houses. 


After relocating to California she began working as an Intern for Acuity Detectives. Following her passion for learning and helping others along with her skills in research and counseling she rapidly developed into the position of Senior Investigator.

Ms. Herberich’s specialties are in particular demand for research, report writing as well as undercover activities.  She is multi-lingual and has been the lead investigator in more than 150 cases. Her international experiences and interpersonal skills contribute in networking and representing Acuity Detectives at professional organizations and throughout the PI community. 

Ms. Herberich is dedicated to providing sound and reliable services and creating an excellent reputation for Acuity Detectives .